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Basic 10 Series

Structural Integration is initially a series of 10 sessions. Each session is approximately 60 minutes and can be scheduled anywhere from once a week to once a month. The Basic 10 Series establishes balance and integration in the entire body. Each session has a specific focus and is geared to the specific structural needs of the individual.

The benefits of Structural Integration are ongoing. With time, overall soft tissue health will improve. Muscles that were dense will soften, muscles that were too tight will relax and muscles that were weak will strengthen because the effects of gravity have been reduced and function has improved. When the force of gravity is able to pull through the centre of our body rather than on different imbalances, gravity becomes a supportive energy rather than a resistant one.

It is not necessary to redo Structural Integration. The changes do not reverse. The Basic 10 Series establishes structural balance and symmetry. Once the information is established in the body, any work received after The Basic 10 Series is processed much faster, and can help to benefit any areas that may need added support or more length. Of course, any trauma or stress we experience will have an effect on us, but the memory of structural balance remains. Photos taken of people years later show the structural changes still present and often improve.

Post 10/Advanced Work

Some people may wish to do the Basic 10 Series again, or may come for a series of 3 to 5 sessions of post 10 advanced work. A six-month to one-year interval is recommended before receiving additional work, as the fascia will continue to unwind and the body will continue to integrate long after a person finishes their last session.

Advanced 5 Series

An Advanced 5 Series can be considered when ongoing work has been received and a good alignment is present. Changes at this level are more subtle and at a much deeper level of experience. Good self-body awareness is needed.

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