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Toes Up Foot Up: Basic

Purpose: This homework is designed to re-patten your feet so they will move and function in the correct planes of movement during walking and running.

How Often: This exercise should be done at least 3 times per week. The best time to do this re-patterning is before a walk or a run, but can be done any time. 10 times one leg, switch legs between repetitions. 3 times total.

(A) First, sit on the floor with your low back as close to the couch, chair, or wall as possible to allow a lengthened spine. You can also lean back on your palms to lengthen the spine.
(B) Next, align your legs and feet in front of you. Work one side at a time, moving the non working leg off to the side.
(C) Now that you are in position, bring the toes towards your nose first. Then flex your foot up. Then extend the foot down with the toes still up. Then point the toes down. Toes up, Pause, Foot up, Pause, Foot Down, Pause, Toes Down, Pause. Repeat this 10 times.
(D) Switch legs and repeat.
(E) Do 3 sets of ten for each leg.

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