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3 Secrets to Demystifying Pain and Posture

In this video, Kevin Lucas explains in a very simple, easy to understand way with the help of visual tools, how the effect of gravity affects structure and posture.

RMT's qualify for a half CEU credit for watching the following hour long video. Learn about gravity and it's influence on structure and how to find your center, by finding your line.

See how the stacking of blocks affects support, stability and balance in our body. The consideration of gravity is the key component that separates the Rolf Method of Structural Integration from other techniques out there. You will have an understanding of how all the parts and segments of the body are connected and affect one another in the field of gravity via the fascial connective tissue.

This will help you to see posture and gain a new understanding of where your pain comes from and the relationships of all parts of your body.

This video that is about an hour long is a great way to learn and develop an understanding of what the Rolf Method of SI involves and is about ... and why it's so effective!


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