Lisa McCrea
Registered Massage Therapist
Certified Advanced ROLF Method
Structural Integration

19101 St. Andrew's Road
Caledon, ON L7K 2E4
Tel: 519-702-0354
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Client Information

Cost for Treatments

$100 per session of Rolf Method Structural Integration. Sessions last 60-75 minutes.

I accept cash, cheque or e-transfers for payment.

A receipt will be provided for each visit at the time of the visit. If you have coverage for Registered Massage Therapy, SI will be reimbursed according to the coverage of your policy.

What To Wear

I ask that you wear “viewing clothes”. For women; this will be yoga shorts and a sports bra, underwear and bra if you are comfortable or 2 piece bathing suit. You will be up and down off the table and moving around during the session. For men; briefs, shorts, or cycling shorts. Shorts need to be stretchy and mid thigh length.

What to Expect at your First Visit

A case history form will be provided for you to complete. I will review the form with you once completed and make notes. A structural assessment will be made at which time I will make notes. Photos before and after the 10 series are an option. If photos are taken you will stand in front of a postural grid. This is good if people have difficulty feeling the changes taking place. They can then “see” the changes which helps with the embodiment of them.


North of Charleston Sideroad and South of Beechgrove Road.

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