Lisa McCrea
Registered Massage Therapist
Certified Advanced ROLF Method
Structural Integration

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"When you align your head with your spine, everything changes. ~

...You're more fully embodied, living in the present moment. ~

...Your breath is easier, your heart is more open and you're more blissful. ~

...You're living with a whole new quality and presence of being."

~Swami Nirmalananda
& Rukmini Abbruzzi

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Lisa McCrea, RMT

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I've been a massage therapist for 28 years now and from my first introduction in Massage School to the fascia, I have felt drawn. The feel of this elastic tissue that I felt I could mold had me from the get go. I took N.I.S.A. training in 1990 and found it too hard on my body and learned to work in a much easier way with a softer palpation taking various Osteopathic techniques, before hearing about the Guild for Structural Integration. This is where I started my training for the Rolf Method of Structural Integration in 1994 which I completed in 1995. I have never looked back.

This is a body of work that encompasses the entire structure; that looks at the relationships of one part of the body and it's influences and affects on the other parts in relation to balance in gravity. I know nothing else like this work.

I find it fascinating and I am continually delighted by the changes that my clients get as a result of having the Basic 10 Series done.

Lisa McCrea, Registered Massage Therapist We are a whole; comprised of mind, body, spirit. You can't separate these aspects. One aspect affects another. The body is what Dr. Ida Rolf chose to work on because its the part she could get her hands on.

A body that is aligned around a vertical axis, and has fascial planes that glide on each other and suppleness to the connective tissue, moves with an ease and grace and effortlessness. This I believe is how we are meant to be. We become disconnected from this ease and grace, through the stresses of life, whether mental, emotional or physical...this ease we knew as children, that was natural to our state of being.

The process of Rolf Method is participatory. There are homework exercises you will learn that are tools you will have for the rest of your life to enhance your wellbeing.

My intention and purpose in life is to uplift and empower people to help themselves. This body of work, known as the Rolf Method or Rolfing® Structural Integration allows me this opportunity.

I look forward to helping each and every one of you that crosses my path.


I believe in the ability to self heal.
I believe in the body’s inherent ability to self correct and find homeostasis.
I believe there is always hope.
I believe all things can improve.
I believe with increased conscious awareness wellbeing is available to everyone.
It is this underlying belief I have in humanity that is the driving force in my wanting to help and uplift others.
If you are willing to participate, there are no limits.
I believe.
Lisa McCrea, RMT


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